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Don’t have time to use Social Media tools to grow your business?

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Webinar Date: Wed, Oct 20th
Time: 8pm to 9pm
Register your spot at: Click here!

Think twice!
Social Media is all the buzz these days and there isn’t a day that passes where we’re not exposed to a headline about the power of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin! There’s certainly no lack of excitement.

But after ‘playing’ with some of these ‘rock star’ status social friendly sites, some of us have realized quickly that it can also become our number one time waster! In fact, the question isn’t anymore if Word of Mouth marketing or Social Media works, but rather ‘How can we leveraging these tools effectively in the least amount of time’ to grow our business or our personal brand.

Join expert WOM (word of mouth) guru and Social Media evangelist Christian Dion, as he takes you through a non-hyped approach to leveraging WOM and online Social Media tools to grow your brand (hint: we all have one!) and boost your income in just 30min per day!

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