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Would you like to learn how to….

- Set financial goals, create a plan, and achieve them EVERY TIME

- Avoid sabatoging your financial plan

- Top debt elimination tips

-Understand your credit rating and how to improve it

- Create a millioniare mindset


This is a small, intimate event so the value will be spectacular! Get your ticket fast!

Eventbrite - Cash Class

You will be learning Canadian content from the
best financial teachers in Canada:
Preet Banerjee, B.Sc, FMA, DMS, FCSI, is a daily columnist on personal finance for the Globe & Mail. Preet was originally trained as a neuroscientist at U of T before joining the financial services sector. Previously an adviser in both the MFDA and IIROC channels, he has also held a senior role with an index fund manufacturer. He is the writer behind the sometimes controversial blog, which was ranked Canada’s Best Investing Blog by readers of The Globe and Mail in 2010. He also currently serves as the W Network’s Money Expert. You can follow him on twitter at @PreetBanerjee

Laurie Campbell is the Executive Director of Credit Canada Debt Solutions. Laurie speaks to over 10,000 people annually about money management tips and credit rating education. Laurie is widely recognized as an expert in her field responding daily to media requests and has contributed to several prominent books on finance. Ms. Campbell was instrumental in spearheading Credit Education Week Canada, which now in its sixth year promotes financial literacy through a variety of mediums throughout Canada.


Eventbrite - Cash Class

Interview with Best Selling Author, Leslie Scorgie

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You Will Learn Leslie’s top tips on:

  • Paying down debt
  • Tips on creating an budget that works
  • Effective Saving strategies

Lesley Scorgie, bestselling author of Rich by Thirty: A Young Adult’s Guide To Financial Success, a personal finance book geared towards young people. Lesley released her second book in spring 2010, Rich by Forty: A Young Couple’s Guide To Building Net Worth, which focuses on giving young couples the tools they need to grow their net worth.

When Lesley was only 17 she was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show where she discussed financial strategies for young people and revealed her goal of becoming rich by 30. was started shortly afterwards and it’s designed to help you achieve financial success.

What We’re All About…

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Have you gone to financial seminars and walked away confused? Have you read a financial planning book and felt no further ahead? Would you like to take charge of your finances using simple practical tips?

Well, you have found the blog for you! At Profit Central we focus on simple, practical tips for the everyday person to get ahead in a changing world. There is a focus on making extra money to your bottom line, investing for the future, real estate, and entrepreneurship. We think that if you can diversify your income streams as well as your investments then you are more risk adverse for the constantly changing world that we live in today. With living longer, divorces, multiple jobs and careers, we are definitely living different lives than our grandparents and even parents. We need to forge our own way with new information.

We welcome your feedback! Make comments or submit your questions and we will get back to you!

All the best in your financial journey!

April Rutka
Profit Central Founder

October Wealth Tip

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Do you know what your Net Worth is?! If not, you should! This month’s tip is focusing on getting organized so that you know what your net worth is on a daily basis! So if somebody stopped you and asked you on the street, “hey buddy! What’s your net worth?”, you would be able to answer right away.

Don’t have time to use Social Media tools to grow your business?

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Webinar Date: Wed, Oct 20th
Time: 8pm to 9pm
Register your spot at: Click here!

Think twice!
Social Media is all the buzz these days and there isn’t a day that passes where we’re not exposed to a headline about the power of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin! There’s certainly no lack of excitement.

But after ‘playing’ with some of these ‘rock star’ status social friendly sites, some of us have realized quickly that it can also become our number one time waster! In fact, the question isn’t anymore if Word of Mouth marketing or Social Media works, but rather ‘How can we leveraging these tools effectively in the least amount of time’ to grow our business or our personal brand.

Join expert WOM (word of mouth) guru and Social Media evangelist Christian Dion, as he takes you through a non-hyped approach to leveraging WOM and online Social Media tools to grow your brand (hint: we all have one!) and boost your income in just 30min per day!