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Decluttering Pays!

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Getting ready to list your condo for sale? Here are some great space saving tips to help you de-clutter:

- Compact living calls for compact furniture. Proportion is the key; pieces should be proportional to the space and each other.
- Go vertical and keep it simple. Keep the floor clear of clutter (e.g. floating shelves that you can mount over doorways, stagger or stack to fit unique spaces).
- Cultivate flow. Visually enlarge your space by installing one type of flooring throughout. Stick to one or two complementary paint colours. Light cool colours tend to make a space feel larger. Warmer colours make a space feel cozy.
- Colour choices are personal; take both the amount of natural light and what you love into consideration.
- Function reigns! You multi-task, expect the same from your belongings. Wherever possible, make sure benches, coffee tables, mirrors, bed frames etc. include (and hide) built-in storage. Consider a sofa bed, a bed that folds or one that can be stored vertically against a wall.
- Use what you have. Maximize locker space and functionality. Add a storage bench/planter on your balcony.
- Sell or donate what you do not need. Someone somewhere will thank you.


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