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Have you gone to financial seminars and walked away confused? Have you read a financial planning book and felt no further ahead? Would you like to take charge of your finances using simple practical tips?

Well, you have found the blog for you! At Profit Central we focus on simple, practical tips for the everyday person to get ahead in a changing world. There is a focus on making extra money to your bottom line, investing for the future, real estate, and entrepreneurship. We think that if you can diversify your income streams as well as your investments then you are more risk adverse for the constantly changing world that we live in today. With living longer, divorces, multiple jobs and careers, we are definitely living different lives than our grandparents and even parents. We need to forge our own way with new information.

We welcome your feedback! Make comments or submit your questions and we will get back to you!

All the best in your financial journey!

April Rutka
Profit Central Founder

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